Power Bomb Box

Power Bomb Box *NEW 2021*

The power is in your hands … with this kit you have enough to make the party burst!
Total of 34 products making 126 shots inside this Kit!

SKU: 0 62109 80031 8
MSRP: Contact your representative for details on pricing
Size: 74.8cm x 50.6cm x 10.5cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 3.2 kg


Products listing

Code Products
61678 Big Bloom x6
61935 Crazy 60’s (6/pack)
61691 Power Bomb x4
61720 Sky Dancer
61722 Krackle Popper
61778 Atomic Blue
Bird of Paradise
Dragon Spawn
Spring Fling
Valentine’s Kiss
61636 Kryptonite
61891 Rainbow Coconut
61890 Strobing Coconut
61902 10″ Sparklers (8/sleeve)

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