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Cannes – August 2022

Theme : “Fragile”

Inspired by the infinite beauty of the planet Earth, Hands Fireworks wishes, through this fireworks show, to highlight its great fragility.

Daniel Bélanger and Cri’s work “Signal” is a call to awake every one of us and to take responsibility for preserving this immense collective wealth. Only solidarity and action will succeed in preserving this irreplaceable wealth.


Carp Fair – September 2020

In case you missed the live feed here is, a video of the 2020 Carp Fair Showcase fireworks.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Woodside Square – September 2020

A big day of preparation to present this wonderful fireworks display in honour of all the frontline workers. Thanks to Woodside Square for the opportunity and to all the fireworks team for your great job!
*Everything was of course done while respecting the distancing measures following the recommendations of public health #COVID19.

Wellings of Stittsville – Canada Day 2020

Click through to the 6 minutes, 30 second point to catch the opening of the event. The skies were bright tonight!
This live stream was created during a private Canada Day event, with no advance community advertising.
By shooting from an undisclosed location (we can now confirm, it was shot for the benefit of the Wellings of Stittsville community – thank you for having us!) we hoped to bring some joy into your Canada Day celebration, but not present any increased risk to the health of our neighbours. Enjoy the show!


2019 Christmas in the Village – Osgoode,On

What a great way to start the holiday season!

35th edition of L’International des Feux Loto-Québec

We are celebrating the 35th anniversary with a “throwback to 1985” pyromusical display… an invitation to relive the music of the fabulous 80s!

La Ronde – Day 1

La Ronde – Day 2

La Ronde – Day 3

La Ronde – Day 4


9th PIPC

In March 2018, Hands Fireworks was invited back to Manila! We put on a display entitled “Angels & Demons”, where the crowd got to enjoy the battles of the colours and music! 2nd Runner up!!!


8th PIPC

In February 2017, a team from Hands Fireworks crossed the pacific to put on a display at the 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. Enjoy the video of this show with some high energy music!


Tulip Festival 2014

Check out this amazing pyrotechnic display at the 62nd Canadian Tulip Festival. This show was choreographed to a score of electronic “EDM” style music.

Tanger Outlets Ottawa – Grand Opening 

When the Tanger Outlets in Ottawa had their opening in the fall of 2014, we were selected to help open their doors with a BANG!  Designed for the kids, this show had the fireworks dancing to the songs of Disney.

Calabogie, Ontario 

This show was a quick display of our abilities at a local conference, showcasing our products, design, and ability to provide breathtaking shows for many different budgets!