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Professor Hands offers these important safety tips

Although Hands fireworks are manufactured according to the strictest safety guidelines, they must still be handled carefully. The sparkle, whistle, boom and brilliance of Hands fireworks can provide hours of wholesome family fun and entertainment. Follow these safety tips and remember to Handle with Care.

Enjoy the show, but let's be safe about it

  • Do not shoot fireworks under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • No smoking is allowed around fireworks.
  • Read the instructions on each firework item during the daylight hours.
  • Store fireworks in a cool, dry and secure place.
  • Choose an area that measures at least 30 meters by 30 meters for your display area.
  • Keep all spectators at least 20 meters away.
  • Do not purchase illegal fireworks.
  • Make sure that the area is clear of all obstructions, such as overhead wires and trees, and away from any buildings and dry grass.
  • Check wind direction, and angle the fireworks away from the spectators, about 10° off of center. Do not shoot fireworks in high winds.
  • Do not shoot fireworks out of glass or metal containers.
  • Fill a wheelbarrow, or buckets, with sand to make a good launching base.
  • Bury long, top-fused items half their length in sand before igniting the fuse.
  • For cakes or pre-loaded mortars on a base, place the item on a hard level surface such as a patio stone before igniting the fuse.
  • Light your fireworks one item at a time.
  • Keep your unlit fireworks away from your firing area, and in a closed box so that any stray sparks will not accidentally light the fireworks in a the box.
  • Do not let children under the age of 18 set off any fireworks item.
  • Never attempt to re-light a misfired fireworks item. Keep a bucket of water, or a hose, handy for 30 minutes. Soak it in a bucket of water overnight and dispose of it in the morning.
  • The shooter and the assistants should always wear safety goggles, snug-fitting COTTON clothing and a COTTON baseball hat for protection from sparks.
  • The shooter should carry a flashlight at all times while firing the display.
  • Except for sparklers, do not hold the fireworks items in your hand. Sparklers are the only fireworks item designed to be held in your hand. Hold sparklers at arm’s length. LIGHT SPARKLERS ONE AT A TIME.
  • Do not use ANY fireworks item indoors, including sparklers.
  • Do not put fireworks in your pocket.
  • Do not throw fireworks. Do not point any fireworks item at anyone.